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About Me and East Texas Heritage Homestead

My Heritage is Southern, East Texas Southern. There is a difference. Farming and ranching, gardening, cooking, and creating something from nothing runs through my blood. It is this that I so desire to share with others who have never know this style of living or who did know it as a child but moved on to "bigger and better" things.

God has so generously blessed this great nation with farmers and ranchers who love their God, their land, and all that grows on it. This is the inspiration that caused us to develop the small acreage we call home into a mini-farm. Its purpose is to share our love for all of this with children who have never seen a rooster, gathered eggs, or milked a cow. It is to share with adults who have lived on farms but moved to the city who long to touch and remember their heritage. It is to share with men and women who have a hunger to experience the skills and lifestyle of the American Pioneer. East Texas Heritage Homestead is for giving something of our roots to you.

I am looking forward to your visits, to your participation in workshops, and to the enjoyment and pleasure you receive from our products.


Gwyn Kersey Weatherford